We have four different private services in three private sections – Standard, Elite, V.I.P, and Lifetime V.I.P. – in our forum’s Premium Zone category. In these sections, our team members post many exclusive premium accounts of different file hosting sites. Private sections have been made to secure the premium accounts from illegal users (i.e. leechers, password changers etc.).


» Why You will Prefer Our Private Services

We believe our private services are more secured and exclusive than any other cracking related forums who also have elite/vip services. The reasons are –

  • More than 80% of premium accounts posted in our forum’s private sections are working premium (some accounts have auto-renew setting enabled).
  • We always try at our level best to keep our private members satisfied by cracking the premium accounts at their requirement. No matter if any premium account gets blocked or expired, our cracking team is professional enough to crack premium account or find alternative solution to your requirement.
  • If we ever do not have any premium account you want, just buy our VIP (or Lifetime) membership, our cracking team is always ready to crack premium account of your desired sites within short time.
  • Our cracking team members post premium accounts in our private sections that are cracked by themselves. They do not share the accounts to others which are posted in our private sections. We have few but reliable staffs who work only for PreGen.
  • We do not leech/steal accounts from other forums’ elite/vip sections. (if any account ever matches to other forums, it just nothing but a coincidence).
  • We do not ever buy any premium account, and we do not buy any forum’s elite/vip membership to run our private sections. All the accounts in our private sections are cracked by ourselves.
  • We are not Money Suckers. We just need money only for the maintenance costs of this site and to support our cracking team. So if you want our site stays alive, you are requested to buy our forum’s private membership to help us so we can help you all.

These above are our specialties that made our private services unique and better than any other forum’s elite/vip services.


» Our Private Memberships

The distinctive features of our Private Memberships are noted below –

[1] If you are a Standard, or a Elite member of our forum, then you may enjoy a discount to upgrade your membership to either V.I.P. or Lifetime V.I.P.
[2] While Occasional Discount Offer goes on, Membership Upgrade Discount and Payment in Installments will not be applicable for Lifetime V.I.P. membership.


» Payment System

We accept payment directly from PayPal, Payza, WebMoney, Perfect Money, and BitCoin. We also support other payment ways through a trusted money exchanging site.


» How to Purchase

Fill up the form below with correct information, and submit your details. Our Sales department will reply to you with payment instructions as soon as your submitted information is validated.