If any alldebrid account or cookie is accessed by more than 3 IP, then that account is banned by alldebrid server, and you will see the following “Banned Account” page if you access that account.

The most annoying part is, once you see the above “Banned Account” page, alldebrid will not let you to logout or get rid of that page easily. That’s why this tutorial has been made, so that you can remove this banned notice to access alldebrid again.


Tutorial for Google Chrome:

1. Install “Edit This Cookie” extension by visiting Here.
2. After installation, you will see this icon  at the upper right corner of chrome. Click on it. Before clicking, make sure you are at alldebrid’s “Banned Account” page.

3. Click on “uid” cookie shown below:

4. Now, click on “Delete cookie” as shown below:

5. Refresh alldebrid page. The “Banned Account” page should be removed.


Tutorial for Mozilla Firefox:

1. Install “Cookies Manager+” addon by visiting Here. Install the latest version if you use latest Firefox.

2. After installation, open it. Type “alldebrid.com” in the “Search” box. You will get result like this:

3. Select “uid” cookie shown below:

4. Click on “Delete” button as shown below:

5. If it asks confirmation like below, click on “Delete” button again.

6. Now open alldebrid page, or refresh if you have opened the page already. The “Banned Account” page should be removed.


Tutorial for Other Browsers:

Tutorial for all browsers are the same. All you just need is a cookie editor to edit your browser’s cookie. Then simply delete the “uid” cookie. This cookie holds the banned account’s information; so removing this cookie from your browser will let you to access alldebrid again.

But keep in mind, if you face the banned account page, then follow the above tutorial to remove the banned notice. Then do not try to input banned cookie again, because banned cookie always will forward you to the banned account page !!